Advocates for World Health at Hendrix College

Advocates for World Health is a non-profit organization that collects surplus medical supplies from local hospitals and clinics and redistributes those products to relief international agencies working in third world countries and developing nations. Advocates for World Health is a growing corporation aspiring to pioneer a new chapter at Hendrix College in order to obtain and distribute a wider supply of medical products to our headquarters in Tampa, Fl. 

The chapter will be completely student run and provide an outlet for volunteers to show their passion towards our cause. The medical supplies we recover will provide humanitarian aid and improve healthcare access in impoverish communities while preventing life-saving materials from going to waste. Advocates for World Health is a viable option for hospitals because it explores sustainability opportunities for healthcare systems and clinics by finding cost-effective solutions to surplus issues.

Our plan is to develop donation teams and raise $8,000 by December 2018. Our plan is to continue sending shipments of supplies as well as travel to Alexandria Hospital in St. Ann's, Jamaica and assist in anyway we can with the supplies we ship. We hope to help Alexandria return to its fully functional facility once again.

Any help can make a difference in so many lives! We thank you for your donation! 


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